Growing Tips

Finding The Best Spot For Your Farmstand


Let's find the best spot for your new BFF. The essentials are sun, water, and power.


Thanks to our old sophomore biology class BFF photosynthesis, sunlight is going to be critical to getting those greens going.

Your Farmstand needs 5+ hours a day of unobstructed full sun to thrive. Find a spot you think is going to work, place a largish object (like a trash can) there during the weekend and check on it throughout the day at regular intervals (check around 9:00 am, noon, 3:00 pm, and 5:00 pm) beginning early in the morning to see when it is getting hit by sun.

While the best placement has unobstructed access to sunlight, if your planned space is prone to strong winds, it would be better for the young, more fragile seedlings to get their start in a place that may have slightly less exposure to sun if it provides better protection from wind. If only one side of your Farmstand will get direct sun, we recommend rotating the Farmstand 180 degrees on a weekly basis so all plants grow evenly.


It would be great to have a water source with a hose attachment nearby, but if that’s not an option, you can always fill your Farmstand with a bucket. You’ll use it to maintain a healthy level of water in the base and also to give your Farmstand itself the occasional rinse.

If you don’t have an outdoor faucet handy, look for a hose attachment that can be attached to a kitchen or bathroom to bring out water to a balcony or rooftop. If there’s no other way, three trips with a five gallon bucket will get you to a healthy level to begin with and only one bucket full will typically be needed for weekly top-ups.


To operate, your Farmstand will need a constant connection to a GFCI power source to run the water pump that irrigates the plants and brings nutrients to their roots. Find a plug nearby or run an extension cord and power up!

That’s it! If you have any questions about finding the ideal spot, we’re here for you! Drop a line to us at

and we’ll be glad to help.

Once you've found the best spot, check out these videos on how to assemble and start up your Farmstand for the first time.