Getting Started

Get Into A New Green Rhythm


Farming has its own special groove. Even on a small scale, you’ll notice the ways that raising food has you developing a practice that will change your life forever. You’ll breathe more deeply, you’ll pay more attention to the natural cycles of the world, and you’ll feel a deeper connection to the earth. Here are your three primary daily touchpoints for getting and staying in touch with your Farmstand.


Plants thrive on just a little bit of attention. There may not be science to back this up, but we believe plants can tell when you care about them. Start your day by taking stock of what’s going on in your Farmstand. Take your coffee outside and spend a few quiet moments to get a sense of how your plant friends are feeling, or check in with them at the end of the day when you’re ready to unwind.


If anything seems amiss, dig a little deeper to make sure your Farmstand’s water is circulating, the power is working, and that the pump is not clogged. If all of the above is working but your plants still look a little less than healthy, it’s possible they’re not getting the nutrients they need. Not to worry, that’s an easy fix - just check your pH and adjust if necessary. Your

Growing Guide

has all the info on how to do this.


Is it ready?

Here’s where your senses come in again. Start by looking - if it looks ready, it most likely is. You can always taste a leaf too and check the flavor and texture. For example, when arugula is young and tender, it’s a little nutty and sweet with a note of tingly pepper - as it matures, the pepperiness gets stronger, becoming almost hot on the tongue when it’s fully mature. The fun part about growing your own food is that you get to decide when something’s ready for you - harvest at the perfect moment for what you’re cooking and your palate.