Growing Tips

Time to Prune?


It seems counter-intuitive, but the fastest way to productive, full plants is to cut them back a little. Here are some tips for a few of summer’s most prolific growers!

  • Cucumbers

    can be allowed to trail down the side of your Farmstand and can be left to grow on the ground near the tower. Plants should be kept trimmed at the ends when they reach desired length to encourage bushing. Unwanted vines and leaves can be cut 1 inch from base so that airflow and sun can reach all leaves to prevent possible disease or mildew. A little pruning and harvesting will keep those cucumbers coming!

  • Tomato

    plants will require regular pruning of ends of branches to keep plants compact. Additionally, pruning suckers (pinching off the shoots at the "elbows" between the main stem and branches) will keep growth from becoming too dense - tomato plants require ventilation and access to full sun for best leaf growth, flower setting and disease prevention. Tomato plants may need additional support to produce abundantly. Harvest tomatoes when they are red with a slight give to the fruit.

  • The more you harvest


    , the more they will grow. Remember to pick eggplants to spur continuous growth. Eggplant plants will stand up to vigorous pruning - they’ll grow tall unless the tops of the branches are clipped at the ends when the plant reaches a height of around 24 inches.