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How do I harvest my plants? 🎥

You can’t go wrong - most plants can be harvested at multiple stages of life - micro, baby, and fully grown! You can also partially harvest most plants if you’re not ready to pull them from your Farmstand completely. You’ll learn throughout your growing process what you like best, but here are some tips.

When it comes to harvesting your plants, you have two methods to choose from: Cut and Come Again and Full Plant Harvest.

Cut And Come Again (Partial Harvest)
Almost anything on your Farmstand can be partially harvested, but herbs are great plants to use as an example. You may not want an entire oregano plant in your recipe, so trimming a few leaves is the way to go. When doing a partial harvest, the general trick is to harvest the older, outer leaves of the plant using scissors, while leaving at least half of the plant intact so it can continue to grow. Wait a week before harvesting again. After 2-3 cuttings (or 4-5 cuttings for herbs), we recommend harvesting the full plant and planting a new seedling to take its place. This helps cut down on maintenance from overgrown roots.

Full Plant Harvest
For your leafy greens, such as your lettuces, kale, chard, etc., you may want to harvest the full plant. That means removing the entire plant from the Farmstand, including the growing medium and root system. First, pull out the growing cup from its port, being sure to pull as much of the root structure as possible from the Farmstand. Then, remove the plant and its roots from the growing cup. Don’t be afraid to use a firm hand and tug with force. It helps to pull the growing medium instead of the plant when harvesting. Now this empty spot on your Farmstand can be filled with a new seedling!

Post-Harvest Tips
After you harvest, whether it’s a few herbs or an entire plant, thoroughly wash your produce to remove any dirt, debris, or hitchhiking bugs. If you’re not going to eat the produce right away, store it in the fridge or in a bowl of water on your counter with the growing medium still attached - it’ll last longer!

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