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How do I transplant my seedlings? 🎥

We recommend planting your seedlings as soon as possible in an empty port on your Farmstand for the best chance of success. If you are unable to plant them within 24-48 hours of delivery, make sure the seedlings are hydrated by putting them in a small dish with water, and place them in partial sunlight.

Place each seedling in a separate growing cup on your Farmstand. Refer to the label on your seedling package for recommendations on where to place your seedlings on the Farmstand. If a seedling does not have a recommendation it can be placed anywhere. In general, it’s best to plant your herbs towards the top. Your vegetables should be planted towards the bottom. Large-stature veggies like tomatoes, squash, broccoli, and peppers need lots of room to grow. It’s best to plant these alternating with smaller plants in between rather than right next to each other.

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