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So you say you want a revolution...but you're worried about how to grow successfully. The toughest parts of growing are starting your seeds, making sure your plants get the right nutrients, and deciding what to grow when. That's where Lettuce Grow shines - we've made growing food practically foolproof! We're side by side with you, sharing all the horticultural guidance, supplies, and support you need for reliable harvests that make eating fresh, homegrown food an easy part of your daily routine. In addition to your growing essentials, we'll send curated seedlings on a regular schedule to make sure the fresh, abundant harvests keep on coming.

And sometimes compost happens, right? Our Good Food Guarantee means we'll replace any seedlings that don't get off the ground and work with you to troubleshoot what works and what doesn't. Ready to get growing?

All memberships include:

Seedling Starter Kit

Regular Seedling Deliveries


pH Test Kit

pH Down

Extended Warranty on Purchase of Farmstand

You're an "I'll try anything once" kind of person? Then you'll love our Seasonal Adventures plan.

We get it. When life gets busy it can be challenging to eat enough fresh food. Our Favorite Greens plan makes it a little easier.

This plan is for you super foodies, superfood lovers, smoothie makers, nutrition freaks. Super Fuel centers around dark, nutritious greens – perfect for your stir fries, bowls, smoothies or salads!