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Extend Your Growing Season With a Heater

Elizabeth Winslow | SEPTEMBER 27, 2019
Extend your growing season with a heater-hero-v2

It's officially fall, and it's starting to feel that way too. Once it's sweater weather for you, your plants will appreciate a little warm-up. Installing a simple, inexpensive heater

in the base will extend the growing season and keep your plants warm and toasty into the winter months. Depending on where you live, this will either extend your outdoor growing season or even make it possible for you to grow year-round!

Our team is tracking temperature changes and will reach out to let you know if the heater becomes insufficient for the cold temperatures where you live. If you would like to move your Farmstand inside to grow through the winter, check out our

guidance here


Remember we are here to help, so reach to us with any of your questions, and don't forget to check out how your fellow growers are managing the change of seasons over in our Lettuce Grow Community Facebook Group


Instructions for Heater installation

Once you have ordered a heater, locate another outlet to connect the heater. Another option would be to install a power splitter and then connect the water timer and heater into the splitter. The heater should not be connected to the water timer. The heater must remain on at all times to work effectively. 

  1. When you receive the heater set the thermostat to 70 F. The thermostat is located at the end of the heater where the cord is attached. Set the temperature by turning the knob to point at 70 F. 

  2. Before plugging in the heater, attach the suction cups to the heater. Attaching the suction cups will ensure the proper placement of the heater in the farmstand tank. To attach the suction cups push the heater into the clip end of the suction cups. Suctions cups should only be placed over the label portion of the heater. Do not attach the suction cups over the heating element section of the heater. 

  3. Place the heater in the base of the farm stand. Make sure the suction cups are against the bottom of the tank and push down to secure the cups to the bottom of the tank. Aim to place the heater closest to the middle without touching the pump. The heater should stay at the bottom as you let go and pull away. 

  4. The cord can be brought through the fill port. Hold the cord against the edge while putting the cap back on. Another option is to take a cup+plant out of one of the bottom ports and feed the cord through the porthole.   

  5. Plug the heater into the outlet. A red light near the thermostat should turn on to confirm the heater is on and working. 

  6. Important note: DO NOT allow the water level to go below the heating element. The heating element should never be on out of water.