Fun Ways to Use Large Herb Harvests

The Lettuce Grow Team | JULY 8, 2020

Extra, extra - we hear all about it! With beautiful summer growing conditions in full swing, it isn’t unusual to have an abundant harvest on your hands. During these periods of rapid growth, we’ve turned to creativity in an effort to make sure no herb goes to waste. Here’s the rundown on a few of our favorite projects.

Get Oiled Up

It’s near impossible to name a more succulent pairing than herbs and oil. Add herbs to a subtle-tasting oil and heat slowly, then strain and store in the fridge as a dressing, marinade or dip. Want to keep the combo even longer? Place herbs in an ice cube tray and cover with oil. When you’re ready to cook, pop them out for instant, earthy flavor.


DIY Dried Herbs

The perfect addition to your spice cabinet, jars of homegrown dried herbs have long shelf lives and incredible flavors. To dry, group freshly picked herbs in small bunches, binding them together with twine or a thin rubber band. Hang the bunches upside down in a cool room with good circulation. Rooms with ceiling fans are great, but we’d steer clear of the warm humidity in kitchens and bathrooms. After letting the herbs dry for a few days, remove them from their stems and store in airtight jars until your next pasta sauce or chicken rub recipe rolls around.


Treat Your Sweet Tooth

A simple syrup is the perfect way to sweeten teas, lattes and cocktails. Add herbs like mint to a mixture of equal parts sugar and water. Boil, stir, remove from heat, cool and strain. You’ll be left with a naturally infused sweetener for extra-refreshing sips, all summer long. Have even more herbs to spare? Place them in an ice cube tray, cover with water or juice and freeze for the coolest cubes around.