Make a Big-Bowl Farmstand Salad!

Elizabeth Winslow | OCTOBER 15, 2019

We're going to show you how to harvest and prepare a fresh salad using the plants listed below. These make for a delicious salad, but don't be afraid to try some of the other varieties you're growing and change up the ratios to suit your preferences. Share your favorite combinations with fellow Lettuce Growers on our Facebook Community page.

Fresh Ingredients

  • Swiss Chard

    : A multi-colored rainbow of gold, pink, orange, purple, red, and white chard is as striking as it is nutritious.

  • Seaside Spinach

    : A smooth-leafed spinach cultivar that will be as good for salads as it is for stir-frys, in soup, or atop a pizza. Seaside is a very uniform, dark green, baby leaf spinach excellent for fast harvest and high-volume production. The leaves are thick and juicy, with well-developed flavor, and the nutritional value is legendary for a reason.

  • Astro Arugula

    : This arugula provides that signature piquant, peppery flavor that stays mild as the plant matures, unlike other arugula cultivars.

  • Allstar Lettuce Mix

    : This mix of a blend of textures and tastes includes green oakleaf, red oakleaf, green romaine, red romaine, and red leaf lettuces, and grows as an individual sized, ready-to-eat salad right off your farm.

  • Redbor Kale


    Prized for both form and function, this curly, ruby-hued kale provides tons of nutrition and adds interest to any plate. It’s short in stature, but produces leaves quickly and abundantly, and offers all the health benefits that come with that dark purple color.

Oil & Vinegar

These are our desert island oils and vinegars - there are a gajillion out there to play with, but these are our go-tos over and over again for both health and flavor.

  • Olive oil - Find your favorite mild everyday oil for cooking and experiment with the flavor profiles of more strongly flavored varietals for drizzling on top of dishes. Check out

    this video

    on how to find high quality olive oil.

  • Sesame oil - Rich and roasty, toasted sesame oil is used sparingly for flavor in stir-fries, vinaigrettes, and dipping sauces.

  • Balsamic vinegar - A little sweet and a little sour, balsamic runs the flavor gamut from vinaigrettes to final drizzle over roasted meats and veggies. White balsamic has a softer flavor profile - we like to keep both on hand.

  • Wine vinegar - Red, white, rice, champagne, or sherry - a good selection of wine vinegars are essential for keeping the salad bowl interesting.

  • Apple cider vinegar - When you want a sharper tang in your vinaigrette, reach for apple cider vinegar. We also love it sprinkled on roasted veggies with a pinch of crunchy Maldon salt.

Ready to get tossing? Click play for a how-to video!