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Meet Our Fall 2022 Chef In Residence

Lettuce Grow | SEPTEMBER 28, 2022

Looking for a little guidance as you go from #FarmstandToTable? That’s where our new Chef in Residence program comes in! We’ve partnered with the culinary world’s best and brightest experts to help you translate fresh, homegrown produce into meals that are easy to make - and memorable. Each chef will create recipes inspired by our seasonal seedling bundles, so you can make the most of every limited edition flavor.

Now, drumroll please…

Meet this season’s Chef in Residence, Sana Javeri Kadri!

Sana Javeri Kadri (she/her), founder of Diaspora Co., is on a mission to deliver the world’s very best spices, while championing local growers and suppliers.

After establishing herself as an expert photographer and marketer in the food justice space, it didn’t take Mumbai-born Sana long to recognize a need for changes in the food system, specifically the spice trade, from the treatment of farmers to production quality. In 2016, Sana traveled home with a vision for a healthier—and fairer—culinary culture.

After months of research and relationship-building, she founded Diaspora Co. with one key mission: to foster meaningful social change, via quality food and sustainable practices.

Launched only five years ago with a single spice, Diaspora Co. now sources 30 single-origin spices from 150 family-owned farms across India and Sri Lanka. By paying its farming partners an average of six times above market pricing, Diaspora Co. impacts communities by empowering local growers to provide high-quality products. This system promotes agricultural leadership and sustainable practices that result in healthier, more resilient food systems.

Sana says that her experience with farmers and the food industry has opened her eyes to the empowerment and knowledge that stem especially from raising produce by hand. “Working so intimately with the food world for most of my adult life has taught me the power that comes in growing food. Whether that be on a large scale producing tons and tons of turmeric, or growing veggies in the backyard for your family, food unites us! It builds connections, both to the planet and to one another.”

Want to try some of Sana’s recipes with fresh, homegrown ingredients? Try your hand at

Spinach Gnocchi with Smoky Burst Tomatoes & Sage


Green Beans with Kimchi Vinaigrette & Frizzled Green Onions

, or

Delicata Squash & Kale Bhajis with Green Chutney

. No matter which dish you choose, one thing’s for sure: Your kitchen’s about to be very fragrant, just in time for all things Fall.