Growing Tips

See Ya Later, Summer!

The Lettuce Grow Team | AUGUST 26, 2020

Your Farmstand doesn’t take much maintenance to thrive, but every now and then, it could use a little extra TLC. Then again, don’t we all? Watch the video below or continue reading for our best tips + tricks for resetting your Farmstand before Fall seedlings arrive.

Check out this video if you are growing indoors!

Step 1: Remove Your Plants

Take individual plants out of your Farmstand, pull off roots and toss them into your compost bin. If you’d like to reuse a plant once the tower is reset, simply set it aside and place it back in after the tower is reset. Remember to save your cups: After a quick rinse, they’ll be ready for new seedlings.

Step 2: Rinse From the Outside

Use a hose on high pressure and spray your Farmstand from the outside. A quick but thorough rinse will work wonders.

Step 3: Remove and Clean Each Section

Remove the Farmstand’s lid and diffuser cap, then disassemble the sections. You’ll want to remove roots and any other debris left inside sections. Good news: These are compostable, too! Once sections are disassembled, give each one a thorough scrub, like you’re washing your favorite set of dishes. It may take a bit of elbow grease to remove debris, but you’ll get there. We promise!

Step 4: Remove Water From the Tank and Clean Inside

Use the coupler that came with your Farmstand to attach a garden hose. Plug your pump into an outlet, and use the electricity to get water out. Now, you’ll have better access to your pump. Check if there are any roots blocking the base. Then, it’s time for Grease 2: Get to scrubbing the inside of your tank’s reservoir with soapy water. Be sure to rinse and ensure that there’s no soap left after washing.

Step 5: Wash Your Grow Cups

Scrub your grow baskets, just like you did with each section of your Farmstand. You’ll want them squeaky clean for a fresh batch of Fall seedlings.

Step 6: Give One Last Rinse and Reassemble

Grab your hose and give your Farmstand once last rinse. Then, you’re ready to reassemble!