Give Your Farmstand 
a Jumpstart!

Fill your new Farmstand with a full set of strong plants and customized nutrients and you'll be harvesting food in less than 3 weeks. When it's time for new seedlings, your veggie concierge will reach out to help you select seasonal plants that are just right for where you are and what you want to eat!

Grow With Us

You can't fail! Our strong seedlings and specially-formulated nutrients mean you're guaranteed success.

No-stress seedlings.

We do the hard part of growing strong seedlings, so your plants have a 3 week head start.

Customized nutrients

We prescribe the perfect amount of nutrients for what you are growing and where you are

Friendly reminders.

Growing support through our easy-to-use app and customer service chat.

Every ZIP Code's different!

We'll only recommend varieties that will prosper for your light and temperature conditions.

Seasons change, but that's ok!

We adjust seeding availability over the course of the year to get the most out of your Farmstand.

$98 with purchase of Farmstand

Full set of starter seedlings selected for optimum yield

Customized nutrients

pH testing kit

App to help you choose new seedlings, get maintenance reminders, know what to grow when, and identify plants

After your first harvest, we'll be in touch every 3-4 weeks to help you select seedlings and adjust your growing plan to guarantee success

We'll work with you to select your refill packs - new plants are just $2 + shipping!

Purchase separately starting at $128

Choose Your Seedling Preferences

Let us know what you like to cook and eat.

If you never met a vegetable you don't love - get adventurous and try it all!

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