Tagetes Patula

This large and luscious flower will provide a shock of color to your farm and provide elegant petals perfect for garnishing dishes from soups to steaks.

Harvest method: 

Cut and Come Again


Harvest window: 

7 - 47 days


Best placement in device: 

Any Level


  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Essential oil
  • Flavonoid
  • Beta-carotene

Chosen for its compact growth habit and vivid blooms of warm, fiery colors ranging from red to orange and every color and combination in between, this familiar flower finds use not only as a wonderful ornamental addition to your Farmstand but also provides garnish as well as foliage that attracts beneficial insects and flowers that attract pollinators. The fragrant foliage acts as a natural pest repellant and is distilled for perfumes. The petals can also be steeped and used as a dye and the whole flower head dried and kept in jars for later use.


Harvest full blooms early in the morning as soon as all parts of the flower are unfurled. Cut dead heads and ripe heads as they appear for continuous flowering through the year.