Cucumis Sativus

The classic cuke here to bring a cool crunch to sultry summer days.

Harvest method: 

Cut and Come Again


Harvest window: 

37 - 65 days


Best placement in device: 

Bottom level


  • potassium
  • phosphorus
  • calcium
  • magnesium
  • vitamin C
  • carbohydrates
  • dietary fiber

Good for both slicing and pickling, the thicker, deep green skin of these large cucumbers provides a nice, refreshing crunch. We chose this variety for its resistance to disease and its long growing period that will provide dozens of crisp fruits throughout its life.


Cucumbers can be allowed to trail down the side of your farm and can be left to grow on the ground near the Farmstand. Plants should be kept trimmed at ends when they reach desired length to encourage bushing. Unwanted vines and leaves can be cut 1" from base so that airflow and sun can reach all leaves to prevent possible disease. Pollination can be assisted by plucking male flowers (those without a bulb at the base of the flower) with centers attached and "kissing" them to female flowers (those that are shorter and at the end of what looks like a very tiny cucumber) in the early morning. Harvest when fruits swell and reach a size of about 8". Harvest regularly for increased production.