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How To Choose The Farmstand That’s Right for You

Lettuce Grow | JUNE 1, 2023

At Lettuce Grow, our mission has always been to transform spaces into thriving green ecosystems, offering fresh and organic produce right at your fingertips. As pioneers in urban farming solutions, our Farmstand technology has revolutionized the way you think about home gardening. To cater to different needs, we've crafted two primary offerings: The Farmstand and the Farmstand Nook. Let's delve into what makes each of these products unique and how they might fit into your lifestyle.

The Farmstand

A testament to our commitment to flexibility and adaptability, our flagship model, the Farmstand is designed for those who seek a versatile growing experience. Whether you're placing it outdoors, with temperatures ranging from 40-100°F, or choosing an indoor setup for areas with extreme climate seasons, the Glow Rings® ensure optimal growth. Its expansive design supports 12 to 36 plants, embodying our vision for modular gardening that grows with you. And when it comes to plant variety, it’s unparalleled—nurturing everything from veggies, flowers, and herbs to lettuces. For enthusiasts keen on cultivating larger varieties, the ability to grow outdoors provides the perfect setting for plants like cauliflower, zucchini and eggplants to flourish.

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The Farmstand Nook

Recognizing the needs of city dwellers and those with cozier living spaces, we developed the Farmstand Nook. This compact marvel, complete with integrated LED lights and a streamlined tank, is crafted especially for indoor environments only. But don't let its compact nature fool you; it efficiently accommodates up to 20 plants. It’s perfectly attuned to a variety of plants, from lettuces, herbs, and fruits to flowers and compact veggies—making it a powerhouse for those quick salads, smoothies and garnishes.

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In essence, both the Farmstand and the Farmstand Nook encapsulate our vision for sustainable, accessible, and efficient urban farming. Whether your space is expansive and ever-evolving, or compact and efficient, we've crafted a Farmstand tailored to you.

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