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How to Handle and Plant Seedlings

Lettuce Grow | SEPTEMBER 1, 2021

Woohoo, your seedlings are here!

They’re eager to get some fresh air and water so remove them from their packaging as soon as possible. They can be planted directly in your Farmstand if you are growing indoors or in mild weather.

Don’t worry if you cannot plant them in your Farmstand right away. Follow these instructions to keep them happy and hydrated for up to 5 days:

• Place seedlings in a shallow plate or dish

• Fill with a quarter-inch of water

• Put seedlings in a windowsill or sunny area

• Replenish the water when it dries out

Seedlings can be planted in the Farmstand simply by inserting them into a grow cup until the bottom of the seedling touches the bottom of the grow cup and then inserting the grow cup into the Farmstand until you hear a snap.

Watch the video for more information and keep reading for extra details!

Where to Plant Seedlings

Different plants are better suited for different levels of the Farmstand. Plants that produce large growth should be planted on the bottom level of the Farmstand while plants that produce vertical growth should be planted on the top level of the Farmstand. This keeps growth manageable and prevents other plants from getting shaded out.

You can find location recommendations on the clamshell your seedlings arrive in, on their seedling page, or by referencing the chart below.


Planting Seedlings in Hot Weather

If you are growing in hot weather, you can help them acclimate to their new environment by putting them in some water and placing them in partial shade for 1-2 days before putting them in the Farmstand. This will prevent them from getting shocked when they are exposed to hot temperatures and intense sunlight.

Transportation Stress

Transportation can be stressful for seedlings so don’t worry if you get a seedling or two that looks wilted upon arrival every now and again. Seedlings are extremely resilient and typically perk up after a few days in the Farmstand!

In the rare case that seedlings arrive in an unsalvageable condition or die after being planted, you can report any issues for a credit by navigating to your My Farm account and clicking on ‘Report Issue’ next to your most recent order. We recommend waiting a week before reporting to give your plants time to adjust to their new environment.

Cotyledon Leaves

The first set of leaves a seed produces once it germinates are referred to as cotyledon leaves. Their bean shape looks distinctly different from a plant’s “true” leaves that it produces as it matures. These leaves are called true leaves because their shape and form is what you would normally expect to see.

Over time, cotyledon leaves will become discolored and die off. This is nothing to worry about and not a sign that your seedlings are unhealthy. They can be left on the plant to fall off on their own or they can be cut off.

Nutrient Residue and Algae

A thin white layer of nutrient residue or green algae may develop on the top of your seedlings’ grow medium. This is caused by nutrients settling over time and drying in between watering cycles or the sun reacting with the nutrients when the grow medium is saturated with water. It is a normal occurrence in hydroponics and nothing to worry about!

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Additional Notes

It will take about a week for your seedlings to really get growing - you'll see much faster growth in weeks two, three, and four. If you want to know when to expect different varieties to be harvest-ready, check out our seedling pages.

Your seedlings might take a day or two to adjust to their new environment. If any seedlings didn't make it, call 512-234-4001 or email our Customer Service team for replacements.

If you've lost track of which plant is which, use the Lettuce Grow app to ID those babies! Download our app for iOS and Android.


As you get ready to harvest, make sure to reorder more seedlings from our shop!


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