Getting Started

What to Know Before Buying a Farmstand

Lettuce Grow | JUNE 1, 2023

Jump into the exciting world of growing your own food with our Farmstands. Whether you're a gardening guru or a total rookie, our Farmstands are crafted to make the experience delightful and straightforward. Designed for both cozy indoor nooks and sunlit patios, they only ask for a few minutes of love each week. And to bolster your green thumb, we've peppered our website with handy resources and videos.

Ready to start your Lettuce Grow adventure? Here's your starter guide:

● The Farmstand
● The Farmstand Nook
● Seedlings
● Glow Rings®
● The Set Up
● Weekly Maintenance
● Resets

The Farmstand

A testament to our commitment to flexibility and adaptability, our flagship model, the Farmstand is designed for those who seek a versatile growing experience. Whether you're placing it outdoors, with temperatures ranging from 40-100°F, or choosing an indoor setup for areas with extreme climate seasons, the Glow Rings® ensure optimal growth. Its expansive design supports 12 to 36 plants, embodying our vision for modular gardening that grows with you. And when it comes to plant variety, it's unparalleled—nurturing everything from veggies, flowers, and herbs to lettuces. For enthusiasts keen on cultivating larger varieties, the ability to grow outdoors provides the perfect setting for plants like cauliflower, zucchini and eggplants to flourish.

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The Farmstand Nook

Recognizing the needs of city dwellers and those with cozier living spaces, we developed the Farmstand Nook. This compact marvel, complete with integrated LED lights and a streamlined tank, is crafted especially for indoor environments only. But don't let its compact nature fool you; it efficiently accommodates up to 20 plants. It’s perfectly attuned to a variety of plants, from lettuces, herbs, and fruits to flowers and compact veggies—making it a powerhouse for those quick salads, smoothies and garnishes.

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Rooted in sustainable practices, we say no to harsh chemicals. Our passionate team at the farm tenderly nurtures your non-GMO, pesticide-free seedlings from seed to sprout. They ensure each plant is vibrant and ready to grace your home, all while optimizing delivery for minimal environmental impact. 

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Glow Rings®

Meticulously crafted, our Glow Rings® are the perfect companions for your Farmstand. They ensure consistent, radiant growth, from living rooms to breakfast nooks. Unpredictable weather or space constraints won’t halt your harvest. Using just 96W, these LEDs light up your green world, pleasing plants and people alike.

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The Set-Up

Here's your checklist to get the most from your Farmstand or Nook:

Sunny Spot (For Outdoor Farmstands):

Aim for 6 sunlit hours daily. 

Glow Rings® (For Indoor Farmstand Users):

For the original Farmstand indoors, Glow Rings® are a must-have. The Nook? It’s already LED-ready. 

Designated Space:

Original Farmstand: 22" x 22", but give it a 2' x 2' berth. The Nook? Cozier, but ensure comfortable access. 

Power & Water:

Both models love a steady power supply and weekly refills. No hose attachments needed. 

Weekly Maintenance 

Our Farmstands do most of the work, but a little weekly care goes a long way: 

Fill 'er up: Keep water 2-3 inches below the top. 

Nutrients: Follow our app's lead. 

pH checks: Keep your greens gleaming. 

A quick peek: Ensure no pests or sneaky diseases. 


Refresh your Farmstand every season. Clean, replace old pals with new plants, and recharge with fresh water and nutrients. It’s like a spa day, but for your Farmstand. Do this every 3 months for your Farmstand and every 2 months for your Farmstand Nook for blooming results. 

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