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Lettuce Grow | SEPTEMBER 1, 2021

We make it easy to grow nutritiously alive produce at home, enabling you to change the planet – and your life! Lettuce Grow was born out of a desire to reconnect people with the foods we grow and eat. For generations, growing was part of the American identity. Now, it is delegated and outsourced to less than 1% of the population. As a result, people are consuming without understanding where their food comes from or its nutritional value. Our mission is to advance America’s transition to a sustainable food system, because we believe everyone can grow. From your first harvest, you’ll see just how much goodness you get, from every fresh, nourishing veggie, to the satisfaction of knowing you’re doing right by your family -- and the planet.

Get to know all of the resources that are available to you below!

The Lettuce Grow App

Check out the Lettuce Grow app for iOS and Android! Use it to access your My Farm account, visit our resource center, order seedlings, use your phone's camera for Plant ID, and more.

My Farm

My Farm is your Lettuce Grow home base! Here you'll find account settings, seedling delivery updates, report seedling order issues, your referral code, and suggestions for Farmstand refills.

Part of how we make growing your own food easy is by using data. Our Horticulture and Tech teams collaborate to build a system that takes into account historical weather data, seasonality, and your location to provide you with a dashboard that helps you understand what's growing and when it'll be ready.

Seedling Pages

Have a question about a specific seedling? Check out our seedling pages!

We have collected all you need to know about each seedling that we offer right here! You can learn everything from where to plant something on your Farmstand and when it will be ready to harvest to nutritional facts, recipes, and tips on how to grow and harvest a specific seedling variety. We also have pictures that show the growth process for each plant and videos that illustrate how they can be harvested.

Resources & FAQs


resources section provides information on a host of topics to ensure that your Farmstand and plants are being taken care of! Here, we delve into topics in a bit more detail, discussing things like Farmstand maintenance, pest management, pruning, and more!

FAQs offer quick and easy answers to common questions you may have about the Farmstand, our seedlings, your account, and others. It’s perfect for those little tidbits of information you need!

Join the Lettuce Grow Community Group

This online community boasts 12,000+ members that range from day 1 growers to seasoned Farmstand veterans. It is a fun, welcoming place to troubleshoot questions or lend a helping hand as well as virtually connect with other growers, share pictures and recipes. Join our community today!

Check Out the Lettuce Grow YouTube Channel

We love a reason to show off the Farmstand and talk about plants! Check out the

Lettuce Grow Youtube channel for how-to videos related to everything Farmstand and Lettuce Grow. It also has a bunch of variety-specific harvest videos for when your plants are ready for their journey to the kitchen.


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