Positive Impact

Lettuce Grow by the Numbers

Elizabeth Winslow | JUNE 27, 2019
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Good morning, sunshine! How about some good news for a change? When you grow your own food with a Lettuce Grow Farmstand, you're making a very real, measurable, positive impact on the environment.

Let’s dig deep into the details - here are the numbers!

21 gallons

= the amount of water used by a conventional farm to produce ingredients for a simple green salad of lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers

<1 gallon

= the amount of water used to grow the same salad on your Farmstand


= Amount of space (concrete, patio, rooftop, etc) needed for a Farmstand


= Amount of land needed to grow the same amount of produce using conventional agriculture


= miles most food travels to get from the farm to your plate


= miles food travels to get from your Farmstand to your plate


= number of pesticide residues USDA has found on lettuce (including 3 known or probable carcinogens, 17 suspected hormone disruptors, 10 neurotoxins, and 14 honeybee toxins)


= the number of toxic pesticides needed to keep your Farmstand greens abundant and healthy


= new jobs created by our ocean-bound plastics supplier


= nutrients lost in produce 3 days after harvest


= Nutrients available in food grown in and harvested from your Farmstand, just steps from your kitchen


= the number of minutes each week you'll spend tending your garden to yield abundant harvests of fresh, delicious veggies!