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Meet Our Spring 2022 Chef In Residence

Lettuce Grow | MARCH 16, 2022

Looking for a little guidance as you go from #FarmstandtoTable? That’s where our new Chef in Residence program comes in! We’ve partnered with the culinary world’s best and brightest experts to help you translate fresh, homegrown produce into meals that are easy to make - and memorable. Each chef will create recipes inspired by our seasonal seedling bundles, so you can make the most of every limited edition flavor.

Now, without further ado, let us introduce you to our first Chef in Residence, Amy Holt of Peas Thank You!

Photographer and recipe developer Amy Holt believes that healthy eating should be a feast for the eyes - and food for the soul. Over 10 years of culinary experience and a passion for vibrant, organic ingredients inspired her to kick-start Peas Thank You, a digital celebration of fresh ingredients that spans both Instagram and a recipe-packed blog. With Amy as your guide, you’ll join thousands of other readers in confidently whipping up dishes for every occasion, from brunches and small bites to crowd-pleasing dinners and apps. You’ll learn her secrets for sourcing delicious building blocks from farmer’s markets, local growers, and her go-to at-home ace - the Farmstand itself.

Amy’s love for fruits and veggies flourished during a blissful childhood on Oregonian farmland. In 2018, she began sharing her talents with the world, developing, staging, and photographing a rainbow of innovative food pairings. Amy’s recipes are sustainable, nutritious, and eye-popping, a trifecta that helps her followers experience the full joy that healthy eats have to offer. From charring and sautéing to fermenting and baking, Amy is constantly reinventing ingredients and unlocking new flavor profiles. After all, the kitchen is her playground - and her art studio!

We’re honored that Lettuce Grow’s Farmstand plays a starring role in Amy’s personal and professional relationships with fresh food. She picks homegrown staples from her Farmstand daily, using them as foundations for sauces, soups, pastas, and beyond. As if its handiness wasn’t enough, the Farmstand’s dashing aesthetics inspire Amy to continue innovating, with each creation inspiring her community to embrace imagination in kitchens of their own.

“I LOVE my Farmstand,” says Amy. “Being able to watch the food you eat grow from a seedling to an abundant vegetable or fruit is so rewarding.”

Want to try some of Amy’s recipes with your own homegrown ingredients? Try your hand at

Squash Blossom Tacos


Shrimp Larb Lettuce Cups

, or

Tomato Panzanella Salad

. No matter what you choose to whip up, one thing’s for sure: You’ll get the very best possible taste of the season’s freshest, healthiest flavors.