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A Guide to Using Arber's Organic Plant Protection Kit

Lettuce Grow | JANUARY 23, 2024

To optimize the health and vigor of your plants, the Lettuce Grow horticulture team has developed a detailed treatment protocol using Arber’s Organic Plant Protection Kit. Follow these guidelines to protect your seedlings from pests and diseases effectively.

Optimal Treatment Frequency

1. Initial Treatment for New Seedlings

For new seedlings, start treatment 5 days after arrival.

2. Preparation for Adding New Seedlings

If applying to a Farmstand with mature plants, do so at least 24 hrs before adding in any new seedlings.

3. Routine Preventative Maintenance

Maintain plant health with a

regular Arber treatment cycle every 2-3 weeks

to prevent issues before they start.

4. Increased Pest OR Disease Pressure Response

If you notice signs of pests, increase the Arber spray treatment frequency to

every 7 days

. In cases of severe pest pressure, apply the Arber Kit

every 5 days

until the problem is under control.

By following this approach, you can provide your plants with the consistent, comprehensive care they need to flourish.

Application Instructions

1. Preparation

Shake the Arber concentrate bottle well to ensure the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Add half a cap of the Arber solution to the spray bottle, and fill the rest with water. The correct ratio is crucial for the efficacy and safety of the application.

2. Application

For Indoor Growers:

Turn off all grow lights and fans and apply during the 'night' cycle, so lights are off for 3+ hours to allow the product to dry effectively. This precaution helps prevent leaf burn. Make sure to spray the solution thoroughly, covering all areas of your seedlings.

For Outdoor Growers:

Choose a calm day or opt for early morning or evening hours to reduce the impact of wind and sunlight when applying the solution.

Spray evenly and cover all plant surfaces including stems, grow medium, and the undersides of leaves where pests are most likely to reside.

Avoid oversaturating the plants to prevent excess runoff onto the Farmstand and other surfaces.

3. Post-Application

Allow the spray to dry on the plants for at least 3 hours before turning the Farmstand lights back on. Clean your spray equipment thoroughly after use to prevent any residue buildup or cross-contamination on the next application.

Enjoy your harvests as soon as 4 hours after application! We recommend rinsing first even though products are safe for consumption.

4. Safety

Growers can confidently use products without extra precautions or protective gear. Formulas are not hazardous to people, pets, pollinators, or the environment — making the application process simple, convenient, and worry-free.

Arber formulas have undergone significant third-party toxicity and safety testing allowing growers to use them without worrying about the well-being of children and pets.

By following these application instructions, you can ensure your seedlings receive the full benefits of The Arber Organic Plant Protection Kit, fostering a robust growth environment free from pests and diseases.

Additional Application Recommendations

Remember, consistency is key to prevention. Regular pest scouting & treatment schedule will support a healthy, thriving Farmstand.

For Support

If you encounter any challenges or have questions regarding the treatment protocol, please contact your Plant Guide for assistance.