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Lettuce Give Edu: K-2

Lettuce Grow | JULY 8, 2022

Built into the core of Lettuce Grow is a desire and responsibility to give back. Through a wide range of charitable initiatives and partnerships, Lettuce Give operates on three key pillars to give back to the communities who need it most:

Education, Accessibility,




To learn more about our Lettuce Give initiative and how we give back please click here.

Through educational partnerships and donations, we provide Farmstands to teachers and schools across the country to educate, empower and activate our next generation. We are now excited to be able to offer activities and resources for Kindergarten through Second Grade to all of our teachers and growers in an effort to make hands-on learning more accessible to everyone.

Click the underlined titles below to access fun and engaging resources and activities!

Color in your favorite fruits and vegetables from the Farmstand and cross out what’s not supposed to be there!

Learn about how different colored fruits and vegetables provide different nutrients and benefits!

Learn about where water comes from and how to create your own water filter!

Learn about the lifecycle of a seed and sprout your own plant with starting with a lima bean!

Make some art with leaves from your Farmstand!

Get moving and replicate the lifecycle of a tomato plant through yoga!

Did you know that certain vegetables can be regrown from scraps? Try to regrow some of your Farmstand favorites!

Identify different parts of the plant and give awards to your favorite plants on the Farmstand!

Match up the puzzle pieces and learn about the process of photosynthesis!

See and observe how different amounts of sunlight affect the plants!

Learn about water usage and how we can better conserve it!

Write down your observations of the Farmstand daily and see how quickly things change!

Learn how The Farmstand breaks barriers of traditional gardening.

Discuss and identify the main parts of the plant.

Learn about different parts of plants that are edible!

Observe and record the status of your Farmstand.

Dive a bit deeper into the Farmstand and expand upon the following prompts!

If you have any activities or curriculum you would like to share with other growers, please email our team at