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Lettuce Give

Lettuce Grow | AUGUST 2, 2021
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Lettuce Grow is committed to improving access to fresh, healthy food for everyone, regardless of income. Our goal is to preserve the environment for future generations and to help create a better food system for all of us. That is why we established the Lettuce Give program which donates 1 Farmstand for every 10 sold!

Stakeholders at schools, nonprofits, or community organizations can nominate themselves or others for a grant that will give them a Farmstand and seedlings to get them started. Once selected, our program will work together to provide organizations with everything they need to grow successfully and make an impact.

The Lettuce Give program was built on a mission to actively work towards these goals:

● Increase access to and consumption of fresh, healthy food in all communities
● Encourage community action to preserve the environment
● Improve the health of people and communities nationwide

If you are a stakeholder at a school, nonprofit or community organization, and want to find out how your organization can participate in the Lettuce Give program, please fill out this form!