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Seedlings in Soil

Lettuce Grow | OCTOBER 3, 2023

Growing Success with Lettuce Grow Seedlings: Your Soil Gardening Guide

Our Farmstands may be hydroponic stars, but did you know our seedlings are also soil superstars? Whether you're rocking raised beds or container gardens, we're here with tips to make your seedlings feel right at home!

Keys for Success:

1. Sunshine, Seasons, and Climate:

● Aim for a minimum of 6 sun-soaked hours daily. 
● Climate? Yup, it matters! Dive into this

climate zone resource

to find your sweet spot. 
● Seasons shape your garden too. Check

this tool

to see what's best to plant when (note: we might not have all varieties listed).

2. Soil & Feed 

● Enriched soil = happy plants. Refresh it every six months for best results.
● Give your greens a boost! With every watering, mix in a teaspoon each of

Lettuce Grow Part A & B Nutrients

per gallon. They'll thank you!

3. Hydration Station:

● Baby seedlings love staying hydrated. That said, watering requirements differ during different stages of growth. This is important to keep in mind if your plants are on the same irrigation system. 
● Aim for daily watering during their first two weeks after planting. The soil needs to remain saturated and should never dry out. 
● After that? Let the topsoil dry a touch between sessions. This could mean watering as infrequently as once per week depending on your climate and plant type. Need more deets? Scroll down to our care section.

Seedling TLC Instructions

First Impressions:

When your new green pals arrive, let them chill outside in the shade. If they feel dry, give them a splash. Let them acclimate for 5-7 days before the big move to your garden, ensuring their medium stays moist. Plan to transplant your seedlings in the afternoon when the temperature is not as high. 

Planting Party:

Ready to settle them into their new digs?

● Stake out your garden spots with enough room for everyone. Bigger plants, like tomatoes and zucchini, love elbow room—here's a

spacing guide

● Soft soil makes for easy rooting. Dig spots a touch bigger than the seedling plugs and nestle them in with a welcome drink. To plant your seedlings, dig small holes a little deeper and wider than the size of the grow medium (roughly 2” wide x 3” deep). 
● Add a little water in the freshly dug hole and gently set the seedling in place. Cover with soil so the entire plug is covered and the plant is sitting upright.
● Finally, a gentle shower with

Lettuce Grow nutrients

will help them acclimatize. We suggest a ratio of 1 tsp each of Part A and Part B per gallon of water to your new transplants to help them acclimate from their original growing environment.

Congratulations, you’ve started your garden!

Post-Planting Care:

● The first two weeks? Critical! Seedlings might experience a bit of shock, so keep an eye on soil moisture, particularly in the late morning / early afternoon. If the soil is wet to the touch, no need to water. If the soil is dry to the touch, you may need to water once per day, multiple times per day, or every other day, depending on your climate.
● Here's a pro-tip: Poke the soil. If it's dry up to your first knuckle, water away. But after 14 days, ease off and let them breathe a bit between waterings. 
● Scorching sun? Consider some shade for your seedlings during peak heat. 
● Climbers like cucumbers and snap peas? They'll love a trellis to increase their yield. 
● Always be on pest-patrol and watch for any plant stress. It is normal for plants to be a little shocked in their first week.

Seedling Rotation Plan

Maintaining a lively, lush garden is all about the ebb and flow—planting newbies, bidding adieu to the matured, and reaping the delicious results.

Start by asking: What's my garden goal?

● Regular herbs? Aim to plant every 2-4 weeks for a continuous supply. 
● A seasonal veggie bonanza? Less rotation, more love and care. 
● A bit of everything? Refresh your garden every 4-6 weeks based on your climate region and personal needs. This will help you have plants that are at different stages of growth, allowing you to reap yields more consistently throughout the year.

No matter your goal, we're here to help every leaf and blossom flourish. Happy growing!