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The Lettuce Grow Guide to Indoor Growing

Lettuce Grow | SEPTEMBER 1, 2021

Growing indoors is a great way to enjoy fresh produce year-round! It doesn’t require a backyard or balcony and will keep you growing through cold or inclement weather. All you need to get your Farmstand set up inside is an outlet, a water source, Glow Ring®, and 4 square feet of space.

Follow these tips and recommendations to create an ideal growing environment for your Farmstand!

Note: Glow Rings are designed exclusively for an indoor environment and are not rated for outdoor use. Using them in a manner inconsistent with their specified use will void the product warranty.

Getting Prepared

Glow Rings®

Our Glow Ring® are thoughtfully crafted to seamlessly integrate with your Farmstand to keep it flourishing! They attach in between levels so there are no messy cords or need for stands. The high-efficiency LED lights are tuned to facilitate plant growth while being pleasant for plants and people alike. The Glow Rings use a standard power outlet and draws 96W. It uses only 15-19¢ of electricity per day when running for the recommended 14-17 hours.

GFCI outlets should be used whenever a water source is present. We recommend plugging your Glow Ring into a GFCI outlet or using a GFCI outlet adapter.

Add Glow Rings to your existing Farmstand, or order as a complement to a new Farmstand. Either way, trusty mood lighting is always a good idea!

Plant Selection

Some plant varieties are better suited for indoor growing than others. Click the “Indoor” option in our seedling store to get recommendations of plants we have tested with our Glow Ring® and know will work for you!


We recommend having a few optional accessories on hand as you get set up.


: Placing your Farmstand on a dolly will make it easy to rotate and move your Farmstand. here!


: A breeze created by a small fan can help ensure the proper rate of transpiration (how the plants breathe and absorb nutrients) and prevent pests and disease.


: We recommend placing your Farmstand on a mat if you are growing indoors. This will protect your floor from any spills when you are filling up your Farmstand. Additionally, plant roots can sometimes buildup inside of the Farmstand which can redirect water outside. This is usually prevented with routine maintenance or can be solved by trimming your plants’ roots.

Please reach out to us at (512) 234-4001 or if your Farmstand continues to leak after trimming roots and adjusting its levels.

Getting Set Up

Picking a Spot

Glow Rings® are about the same size as the base of the Farmstand’s so they can be used anywhere a Farmstand fits (about 9 square feet of space)! However, we recommend leaving enough room around the Farmstand so it is easy to harvest and prune seedlings.

The spot you choose should also be a place where you will not mind the glow of the LED grow lights or where little children or pets will disturb them! It can be helpful to be near a water source to facilitate weekly maintenance. 


Review the Glow Ring assembly guide or video before attaching them to your Farmstand. Pay special attention to not connect a Glow Ring to itself as this will result in an unlit ring. One cord should be connected to the Glow Ring above it while the other should connect down to the Glow Ring® below or power supply box.

Additionally, please ensure that the Glow Rings power supply cord loops down before moving up and out of the Farmstand's gasket. This will prevent any water from being directed out of the Farmstand.


Glow Rings Light and Watering Cycle

You will have two timers: one for your Glow Rings and one for your pump. (Glow Rings are shipped with their own timers so you do not need to buy an extra!) The watering cycle will be different when the Glow Rings are on and off so it is important to make sure the timers are synced to the same time.

Light Cycle

We recommend setting your timer so that your Glow Rings turn on during the day and turn off at night. It is important that your plants are not stressed by too much or too little light, so mimicking the natural outdoor photoperiod is one of the best ways to ensure they grow successfully. Plants need rest just like we do! This will also create a less intrusive environment for your home since the Glow Rings will turn off at night.

View the light cycle for each Glow Ring size in the table below.


Watering Cycle

The watering cycle will be different when your Glow Rings are on and when they are off. This is because seedlings do not need as much water or nutrients when they are not exposed to the Glow Rings light.

Use the recommended ‘Day’ watering cycle when your Glow Rings are on and the ‘Night’ watering cycle when your Glow Rings are off.

Note: The following watering cycles are only for the original Farmstand. If you need information about the watering cycles for the Farmstand Nook, click



Indoor Nutrient Dosages

If you are growing indoors throughout the year then you do not need to change your nutrient dosages each season. This is only necessary if you add or remove a level from your Farmstand. You should start with an initial dose of 4 scoops of A and B Nutrients if you are setting your Farmstand up for the first time or moving it indoors after a reset.

Review the table below for the weekly A and B Nutrient dosages.



Harvesting and Pruning

Harvest plants often and before they are large enough to touch the lights. The intensity of the Glow Rings will increase as plants get bigger and grow closer to the actual lights. This can cause the tips of some plants’ leaves to burn if they are near the lights for extended periods of time.

It can also be harmful if parts of the plant no longer receive light because they have outgrown the dimensions of your Glow Rings. This can be easily solved by harvesting or pruning any unnecessary growth.

When grown indoors, Spinach, Green Oakleaf and Arugulas should be fully harvested earlier (around 3 weeks of growing) to avoid bolting.


All of our seedling centers use organic pest management strategies to ensure your seedlings are pest-free when they reach your door. However, don’t be surprised if you see some pests pop up on your Farmstand. These visitors can be easily transmitted by people, pets, and even the wind.

We recommend incorporating quick pest checks into your weekly maintenance in order to catch garden critters before they get too comfortable.  You can remove any pests you find on your plants by gently removing the affected seedlings from your Farmstand and washing them off with soapy water or insecticidal soap. Garden sprays can be used if you have a preference for them!

Do not spray your plants when they are in front of your lights. Remove the seedlings to spray them so that nothing gets on your Farmstand or Glow Rings. Place your plants back in your Farmstand when the lights are off so that they do not get burned.

Resetting Your Farmstand

We recommend resetting your Farmstand every 3 months in order to keep your Farmstand clean and running smoothly. Watch the video below for instructions!


How to Handle and Plant Seedlings


Finding the Best Spot for Your Farmstand